I've been eyeing these lippies for too long. They actually inspire me to get a job so that I can have of them.

The ever famous NYX round lippies. Hailed as MAC for the cheap
Maybelline Moisture Rich: Hopefully one of every category. 
MAC lippies ofcourse. They are the best matte lipsticks out there. I'd get three: the perfect nude, the perfect red, and the perfect mauve

Disclaimer: I am an aspiring MUA, so lusting for these still makes me SOMEWHAT reasonable.
Disclaimer II: I'm not actually going to get it right now. I'd get the NYX cream blushes first.
If there's something I really want for me and the makeup stash right now, it's the whole collection of NYX Cream Blush
The colors always look natural no matter what shade you choose. And it gives your cheeks the healthiest most natural glow. EVER! Not too much glitter/shimmer equals more natural.

Have I made myself clear yet? It's very natural! <3 and particularly cheap at 380 per swatch.
Fashion Makeup Finals.

The hair can be better, and I guess I can make the blue pop out more.

Details: really white cool skin, but bright warm purple cheeks, contour all the bones to make them pop pop pop.