Give 3 favorite recurring moments:
1. Kilig moments
2. Coffee and work moments
3. Good sleep/good mornings

Favorite food?
Croissant, cream cheese, warm mocha, chocolate anything, and lamb!

What do you do before you sleep?
Ponds cold cream, Nivea whitening facial foam, lots and lots of Celeteque

Favorite nail polish color?
Burnt/brick red, rich beige, dark dark blue

Favorite hair color?
Medium brown ashy tones on dark hair

Future plans?
Work as a webdesigner-graphicartist-flashcoder for design firm/s, then get rich.

Most annoying trait?
I've got lots. You'll have to choose. (guts-lessness, stalking tendencies, anxiety, etc)

Best trait?
People lover.

Fallen in love?
Twice. And a half. Then divide that half by a dozen.

Do you like anyone right now?
Does it matter?

What do you like most about guys?
Good boys with goatees. Yum.

If you can change anything about yourself....
Insomnia, definitely!

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