-Tall moreno guys with goatee and muscles in the right place
-Old movies
-Leaving the city with friends
-Cream blushes
-Makeup brushes
-New books I don't get to finish anyway
-Self-help books
-Poetry (well basically pretty words)
-Beige nails
-Pretty friends
-Everything picture perfect
-Baguio/Tagaytay weather
-Marie Antoinette movie
-Meeting new people
-Staying out late


I am the fresh unemployed. I am the product of the happy misfortunes.


She constantly checks how much she weighs and how long her hair is becoming.

She has hundred of other blogs out there.

She likes white very much. Black is a close second. Then all the neutral hues. She is boring that way.

The brainlicking is her happy blog because she's been spending too much time being emo and worrying.

She spends 60% of her day practicing the art of narcism, and the rest thinking of ways to get the things she want: men, makeup, clothes, and the things in her bucket list. She does not sleep.

Bucket List 2010

[ ] Bonfire
[ ] Rural 7/11 at 3am
[ ] Brochure Portfolio
[ ] Buy my mom a makeup kit
[ ] Buy my dad a pair of sneakers
[ ] Buy Jasmine a pair of heels
[ ] Buy Julia expensive art brushes
[ ] Drive at 12pm
[ ] The Picture Perfect Tagaytay
[ ] Paint a big canvas. Use lots of colors
[ ] Create another novelette
[ ] non-fly away hair