every second counts

every coffee paper cup
every hangover you nurse

every dismay of every imperfection
every dazzling defect

every engrossing detail
 the shrub under your lips
 the gesture of knotting my hair in a mess
 establish that i look wasted
  because i dont want you to look at me
    i want you to listen and feel my skin and self brush with yours
 the replacement of my rock and roll
   to your smooth genre

every displeasedi insanity, my irrational paranoiah
every demand you seem to like
every instant our genders interchange
every impromptu get together
every calmness i get from seating across you

my every abusive
           malicious contact
 a hug
 a forced peck on the cheeks
   despite your height and mine
your cheeks and are a mile high above me

every threat that flirtation is unavoidable
every warning that fondness is inevitable
every hazard
  that the future
  is a risk
every hesitation of romance
the hazard of an affair
the risk of,
  how do they call it?
every hesitation of romance

every paparazzi question
 the babble of your friends

every single tinge of uncertainty
  even if i know you want me

every six hours
 of "being awake while the world is asleep"
every question
every answer
every disclosed information
 waiting for the apt minute to be said
everything we dont know about each other

every brawn on your arms
every caramel tinge in your skin

every annoyance of not seeing you
 when i want to
  which is weird
  because we're nobodies

every attempt
 to follow a time line
  that will keep us sane (safe)

every time you bundle me
 the whole of you encircling me
your every right word

every taxi ride. (the only one) 

every pinch
every taste and mark of raspberry lipgloss
every softness
   and wetness and dryness
every slow
           slow nuzzle
every bite

every time you think
 of the misfortune
 that the most imperfect girl in the universe is yours at these very seconds

you're amazing


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